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Bored Outta Mind But Focused On Mine..

2008-10-05 00:30:12 by Dre-17

I Love This site But Am Bored Of Gettin No Reviews On More Than Half My Work. Thx 4 Those Who Do Take The Time To Review. Even The 0 Voters. Yu Hate It I Love It


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2008-12-04 03:06:04

You don't even know what Game & Watch was, do you? That's probably a good clue as to why you don't like that flash. Oh and your writing skills are completely nonexistent. Really, did you just skip every English class you ever had?

Dre-17 responds:

lol hater. if i didnt like yur shit, i didnt ike it. get ova it


2010-02-01 16:53:47

Wren-Akula, he's a Negro, it's pointless to say he skipped any English classes, he can't read by default.

Dre-17 responds:

wow. lol n yet another dick riding homo. truth be told,, i excelled in english. i choose not to do shit or say/write the same way you do because thats whats maks me me. if you dont like my shit, oh fuckin well lol. i doubt you could even step up to do what i do beter so jjust sit back kid


2010-02-21 01:13:37

Ay homie. What up?

Dre-17 responds:



2010-05-10 13:15:40

why all that racism eh?

Dre-17 responds:

because ppl feel safe behind their computer lol so they talk shit on a net to get away with w/e